Satellite Lost hail from Long Island, NY, and formed in the summer of 2003. Jason Schneider and Philip Rutkowski formerly shared guitar duties in the band The Cotton Weary. Concurrently, Justin Williams and Ryan Mahon also had played together in various projects. As soon as the four members of the band played together the bond was instantaneous and they felt a kinship and undeniable musical chemistry. Bows and Arrows Against Lightning was the first step in their musical vision and recorded quickly over a Thanksgiving weekend in November 2003. The 6 Song CD was released on Break Even Records in January 2004. The band continued to grow and began playing shows and experimenting with new material. Unforseen circumstances led to the band's sudden break-up, but a full length CD was recorded in June-July of 2004 and is currently awaiting production. The finished full length will be available in 2005.
Satellite Lost are alumni members of the Break Even family releasing their debut EP Bows And Arrows Against Lightning in the Winter of 2004.

Made up of former members of The Cotton Weary, Satellite Lost was forced to split up after just one year together. A much talked about posthumous full length is in production now.

Justin Williams is now in Lux Courageous (Triple Crown Records) and Ryan Mahon is in Gracer (Revelation Records).

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